With the lifting of the crude export ban, the beautiful Northwest is even more the bullseye for fossil fuel companies wanting to ship their dirty energy around the world. Proposed infrastructure projects would add 5x the carbon of Keystone XL to what leaves our shores by tanker, pipeline, and rail. We can't let that happen, because "unless we change the script dramatically, there's no mystery as to what's going to happen: we're going to burn up."*

We’ve won some huge battles already--but we have to be relentless. Let's show fossil fuel companies what a unified, broadly supported resistance to their devastating business-as-usual looks like. 

Starting Feb. 27, we plan to hold a series of teach-ins and trainings: from background talks about NW fossil fuel projects and civil disobedience, to NVDA trainings, to organizer trainings. And we'll take our passion, creativity, and energy...right where it's needed.

Nature doesn't compromise--so we can't, either. Take the Pledge, and join us!






*(Bill McKibben)